About me

I’m organising a Jailbreak! Whatever cage you feel stuck in I’m here to help you find a way out. Below you’ll find out more about me, my coaching values and my vision for work. 

This is my jailbreak story!

Two years ago I cut back my spending, put on my out of office reply and went part time. I took a diploma in coaching and mentoring, and Laura Rose-Baker Coaching was born. Sounds easy right? And that’s how it sounded in every “sort your stuff out”-style book I’ve bought since I was 20. The bit I omitted is that it took me 14 years to break out of my own jail (that’s the place I was mentally stuck that influenced what I physically did).

Everyone’s jail looks different. Personally I was trapped by traditional ideas about career progression and success. They were seriously unhelpful to my confidence. I pushed myself onto various career paths because they were recognisable or secure. Law, public policy, public relations. I enjoyed bits of all of them yet I didn’t want to do any of them exclusively until retirement. There were SO many things I wanted to learn and do. 

Coaching helped me understand this isn’t wrong. It wasn’t because I’m lazy or uncommitted. My career hadn’t been full of dead ends or wrong turns. In fact, I’d been packing my toolkit with skills and experience ready to break out into a different kind of life that fits who I really am.

And who I am is someone who has always wanted to work for myself. I’m very organised and enthusiastic. I LOVE helping other people generate ideas and put structure around them so they can come to life. I enjoy working in partnership with others. And I’m passionate about identity, career development, skills development, leadership and work-life balance.

So I became a personal development coach.

My Coaching Values

My personal values are at the heart of how I run my coaching practice. Let me tell you how.


Who’ve you got in your corner? Who supports and champions your abilities?

As your coach I genuinely want you to break away from whatever is holding you back. You deserve a bright future so we’ll form a professional partnership where I’ll be in your corner.

I’ll offer you fearlessly compassionate coaching. That means you choose the direction. Then I’ll support, challenge and hold you to account for the actions you choose. I’ll act in your best interests rather than mine.


Are you tired of trying to fit in? Just want to be yourself at work?

I certainly do. I don’t want to be a carbon copy coach. That’s why I’ll show up to every coaching session with you simply as ‘me’. I’ll use my language, examples and personal style.

Every coaching clients gets the chance to see whether or not they feel comfortable working with me by booking a free discovery call.

Finally, I’ll be upfront about my fees and make my terms and conditions as straightforward as possible. 


Do you feel like you’re not being listened to or can’t be honest about your feelings?

I create a safe space for my clients to engage in deep self-reflection without feeling judged. No ideas are ‘too out-there’ or ‘bonkers’. No thoughts or feelings are ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

We’ll design a professional partnership so we both understand what to expect from each other. You can certainly expect to have my undivided attention and unwavering curiosity throughout our work together. 


Ever felt like you’re not good enough or struggled to identify your own strengths?

I do a lot of work with my clients on strengths and imposter feelings. I understand these feelings and find feedback a great tool to fight self-doubting voices.  You’ll have loads of opportunities to give me your feedback on my coaching so we can make sure you’re getting what you need.

I’m continuously growing as a person and a coach. Throughout our work I will draw on the ideas of other fabulous coaches and mentors. I’ll always credit them so you know who inspires me.

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My Vision for Work

I believe everyone deserves fulfilling and rewarding work in kind workplaces. We can’t compartmentalise our lives so work needs to enhance our personal lives, not detract from it. Simply speaking that means…

  • NO MORE doing work that makes you want to yawn, cry or scream 
  • NO MORE feeling like you don’t fit in or aren’t good enough, and will eventually be tapped on the shoulder  
  • NO MORE waiting for life to begin when you retire or win the lottery
  • NO MORE feeling institutionalised and like no one else would employ you 
  • NO MORE feeling like it’s too late to change direction or fighting ridiculous barriers to retrain 
  • NO MORE being told to start at the bottom and ‘pay your dues’ despite having loads of transferable experience
  • NO MORE facing yearly redundancy processes
  • NO MORE chess-board management where no one cares whether the right person is in the right job 
  • NO MORE being told “you’re lucky to have a job!” 
  • NO MORE feeling frustrated in your comfort zone when you know you could give so much more to the world
  • NO MORE workplace bullying, subtle intimidation and blame cultures
  • NO MORE swinging between hideous micromanagement and leadership support that’s missing in action
  • NO MORE old-fashioned factory-like presenteeism and the glorification of busy
  • NO MORE ageism whether you’re under 30 or over 50 
  • NO MORE confidence destroying or absent feedback 
  • NO MORE wages that undervalue your skills and experience 
  • NO MORE feeling out of control of your finances because of zero hours contracts and absent pay rises
  • NO MORE rude, ineffective recruitment practices 
  • NO MORE career development discussions that fail to take into account the rest of your life 
  • NO MORE feeling guilty when you’re not with your kids, not at work, not seeing your friends, not exercising, etc

We will get there. One person and one organisation at a time.

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The best way to find out about a person is to talk to them. That’s why I offer free 30-minute discovery calls to anyone interested in finding out if Jailbreak Coaching is for them. No hard sell just two people having a great conversation.