Let your strengths shine

Lightbulb courtesy of Pexels

Last week I culled a connection from LinkedIn. Why? Because the only updates I saw from them were critical posts highlighting other people’s grammatical mistakes. This individual was no doubt trying to show off their copywriting skills to potential clients. But I asked myself the question, would I ever work with someone who comes across as if they are sneering at…

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Stop f**king each other up with feedback

Photo courtesy of Death to Stock

Remember that argument you had with your partner. It started off about the way the dishwasher was stacked. Perhaps you threw out the following generalisation as you picked up a scum covered highball: “The dishes never wash properly when you’ve stacked the dishwasher”. This is news to your partner, who had never considered they were inept…

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No time to learn? Try a MOOC

Learning picture Courtesy of Death to Stock

“So many things to learn. So little time, money, energy…” Does that sound like you? It’s certainly how I feel leafing through my local college prospectus. That’s why I joined a MOOC. Massive Open Online Courses (yep MOOCs) offer free, bite-sized digital learning opportunities for the inquisitive but time poor and cash strapped. Each online course…

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Want to slay your inner perfectionista?

Writing pad courtesy of Death to Stock

“Get it wrote don’t get it right” that’s what my partner says to me as I ruminate over another blog. The advice came from a university tutor who undoubtably came across a lot of perfectionists like me. School and university are a hotbed of perfection. You don’t just need to be able to write legibly….

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