Bold coaching. Bright futures.

Hi I’m Laura Rose-Baker. I’m a personal development coach. I work with great people stuck in grey offices. I help them to rethink what they want from their life, and find a way to escape over the fence towards a brighter future. I call it Jailbreak Coaching.

Are you ready to break out?

Shine a light on your values

Understanding what you absolutely must have in your life is the first step on the Jailbreak Coaching journey. 

You’ll uncover your core values, generate ideas to bring them to life, and set goals that make you feel liberated.

Create your escape plan

The next step is to review the unique skills, attitudes, beliefs and resources that will enable you to break out of your current situation. 

You’ll tackle stubborn limiting beliefs, and add essential skills to your escape bag. Then you’ll design a personalised escape plan.

Live your bold balanced life

The time has come to breakout! This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. It’s easy to let negative thoughts and comments stop you.

I’ll support you to follow your escape route, overcome challenges and disappointments, and celebrate being a successful jailbreaker!



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Laura is a fantastic coach, and very easy to get along with. She is interested in and passionate about her work, and helped me to get clear on my career goals, and what I could do to get there. Laura is very conscientious and trustworthy - vital in this job! I really enjoyed my coaching and would absolutely recommend her.


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Let your strengths shine

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The best way to find out about a person is to talk to them. That’s why I offer free 30-minute discovery calls. Set up a call to find out if Jailbreak Coaching is for you. There’ll be no hard sell – just two people having a great conversation.