Shape your own contract

Two way sign

If I say the word “contract” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A dry ream of paper covered in opaque legal lingo in size 9 font, perhaps? It’s fair to say that contracts have a bad name for some pretty good reasons. As a consumer we’ve grown to treat contracts with anything from…

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No time to learn? Try a MOOC

Learning picture Courtesy of Death to Stock

“So many things to learn. So little time, money, energy…” Does that sound like you? It’s certainly how I feel leafing through my local college prospectus. That’s why I joined a MOOC. Massive Open Online Courses (yep MOOCs) offer free, bite-sized digital learning opportunities for the inquisitive but time poor and cash strapped. Each online course…

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Is hygge getting on your wick?

Hygge collage

The clocks have changed. Cue another glut of articles online about ‘hygge’. The unpronounceable Danish byword for cracking out the candles, cushions and cake. For getting your rest and relaxation on without feeling guilty about that mountain of hand-washing in the laundry basket. But is cosy hygge a concept that could translate to wet British terraced…

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Why I’m reading the weekend obituaries

J K Rowling quote

Last week I started my coaching journey on the other side of the table. As a coachee. Step 0 in the process of building the coach-coachee relationship involves me indulging in a little self-reflection. Where have I been? What do I value? Where do I want to improve? After a week, two spaces remain stubbornly blank…

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Want to slay your inner perfectionista?

Writing pad courtesy of Death to Stock

“Get it wrote don’t get it right” that’s what my partner says to me as I ruminate over another blog. The advice came from a university tutor who undoubtably came across a lot of perfectionists like me. School and university are a hotbed of perfection. You don’t just need to be able to write legibly….

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