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I believe you should be able to try before you buy. That’s why I offer complimentary 30-minute discovery calls. You can experience my coaching style, ask questions, and decide if Jailbreak Coaching is for you. 

Jailbreak Coaching

A package of one-to-one coaching sessions tailored to meet your individual needs to break out of the place you are currently stuck in your career and life.

We’ll use a whole variety of questions and exercises to understand

  • who you are – your values, strengths, beliefs, and drivers
  • where you are now – your successes and set backs
  • where you want to be – your vision and goals

You’ll choose when and where to start your jailbreak!

What you'll get

  • A 'Kick start your jailbreak' pre-coaching questionnaire to get you thinking
  • Six 90-minute coaching sessions delivered over 3-6 months
  • Comprehensive notes or recordings of our sessions
  • Email support between sessions including help with CVs, application forms and interview practice
  • Self-guided materials to help you between sessions
  • Further reading recommendations

Intensive Jailbreaker!

The Intensive Jailbreaker is a highly supportive small group workshop. You’ll meet others looking to make a change in their career and lifestyle. You’ll work through exercises to help you:

  • reflect on where you are now and what skills and attitudes you already have in your toolkit to break out into a better life
  • shine a light on your individual values and what they mean to you
  • generate bold ideas about different ways to live your values
  • embrace beliefs that help you and challenge beliefs that limit you
  • create a vision of your bright future 
  • start planning your jailbreak!

What you'll get

  • A 'Kick start your jailbreak' pre-coaching questionnaire to get you thinking
  • 1-day face-to-face group workshop (maximum size 8 people)
  • A pack of materials to complete during and after the workshop
  • A 60-minute one-to-one Skype coaching session after the workshop

Jailbreak Booster Coaching

A Jailbreaker Booster session is perfect for someone who has already started breaking out into a new career or lifestyle.

Do you need help to:

  • keep the momentum going and fight self-doubt?
  • plan what the next 3 months is going to look like?
  • develop a skill so you are more effective in your new life?

What you'll get

  • One 90-minute Skype coaching session
  • Comprehensive notes or a recording of our sessions
  • Further reading recommendations
  • A discount on future coaching programmes

Coaching consultancy

Do you share my vision for work? I love working with people who want to create a bold, bright workplace. 

Do you need help to:

  • develop the coaching skills of your leaders?
  • offer career coaching support to your employees?
  • use coaching to radically rethink some other element of your organisation and its culture?

What you'll get

  • We'll discuss your needs and design a package of support that works for you

I've helped my clients to...

  • Leap from their comfort zone into an exciting leadership role
  • Stay resilient through a difficult redundancy process
  • Develop their assertive communications skills
  • Find their freelancing niche
My Coaching Philosophy: You ARE good enough
I believe you ARE good enough regardless of whatever your internal impostor voice says. You have and can continue to achieve amazing things.
My Coaching Philosophy: Ask for help
I believe it is a strength, not a weakness, to ask for help to break out of old mindsets and old habits.
My Coaching Philosophy: Forget "you can have it all"
I believe the "you can have it all" mantra is a fiction. It leaves people feeling overwhelmed and guilty. I encourage clients to focus on doing a few things well. You can create a healthy balance of what you need in your life now. And choose how that mix evolves over time.
My Coaching Philosophy: Take the smallest step
I believe in taking the very smallest step you can and building your confidence, motivation and momentum from there.
My Coaching Philosophy: Know your values
I believe that understanding your values will help you over and over again to make the right decisions for you. Values are your manual to the way you want to live your life.
I'd recommend Laura to anyone seeking career coaching. I had a very positive experience over the 6 week course. She was knowledgeable, patient and encouraging (a good mix!) and helped me to re-examine and re-frame my career goals.

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If you’d like to talk about working with me as an individual or on behalf of your organisation, book a call with me. There’s no obligation and no hard sell. Just a chance to figure out whether I’m the coach you’re looking for.